Beat the heat in this summer season: Learn how to stay cool - The Santa Clarita Valley Proclaimer

With rising temperatures, we all need to find ways to stay cool

Many cities, such as Chicago, experienced temperatures in excess of 100 degrees for back-to-back days

1. Lounge around with a fan: the Vornado Pivot Personal air fan is a portable, stylish, and quiet fan with a lot of power for its small size

2. Use the A/C to get relief from extreme heat: The PHC08LY quickly and efficiently lowers a room's temperature

4. Relax in the pool: Another great way to cool off is by partaking in the quintessential summer activity—taking a dip in a pool

3. Make sure you’re getting enough fluids: It's really no surprise that making sure we stay hydrated with a steady supply of H2O is of the utmost importance

5. Wear breathable clothing: This helps sweat evaporate and lowers the rate of sweat forming in the first place

6. Eat homemade ice cream: Perhaps the most fun way to beat the heat is by eating a nice, cold serving of ice cream