Are your Career also Burning Out? Check how to fix it? - The Santa Clarita Valley Proclaimer

Career Burnout may go unnoticed, but its effects gradually impair our capacity to function

And it’s the reason 40% of professionals have sought new career opportunities recently, according to a 2021 Limeade survey

Emotionally, we may feel disappointment and disillusionment with work or sentiments of being undervalued

Physically, we may experience stubborn fatigue, restlessness and an inability to sleep through the night

There is no quick fix for burnout — it takes time to get burnt out and even more time to overcome it

Listen to the click. Much like how a gas pump clicks as the tank reaches its limit, life provides a click for stress

Know your “why.” Reconnecting with the mission or purpose of your work provides the context to “zoom out”

Use your time-outs. In sports, coaches call a time-out to bring focus, assess the flow and momentum of the game and craft their next play

Take a moment to take stock. Engage in authentic reflection, quiet your mind and make an inventory of your concerns

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