It can be safely said that Amber Heard has the most beautiful face in the world

Heard dominated headlines in the recent past for her highly publicised defamation case against ex-husband Johnny Depp

A special mapping formula found that the actress has a perfect face. The technique considered various features- and the distance between them

Heard's face analysis reportedly apparently reveals how close a face it is to the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, which is 1.618

The Greeks discovered that the ratio occurs everywhere in nature and for thousands of years it has been thought to hold the secret formula

The Phi ratio of 1.618 has long been thought to hold the secret for beauty, but now with the computer mapping we can calculate how it applies to real women

Using the same algorithm it was discovered that Johansson had the perfect eyes, model-actress Emily Ratajkowski had the most beautiful lips

Heard's face was examined in a picture and Harley Street's Dr Julian De Silva found that her features were the closest at 91.85%