Many similar patterns of behaviors can be seen across societies. Some of them are right, some of them are wrong

Let us look at a few of those toxic behaviors that have been normalized by society throughout all these years

Gossiping about people behind their backs: Talking about people behind their backs is one of the most toxic behaviors seen across various societies

Calling people boring for not wanting to smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol: Many people want to have fun during parties without smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol

Giving harsh opinions and calling it constructive criticism: Some people give critical opinions about someone which are very hurtful to hear

Ghosting someone instead of communicating why you don’t want to see them anymore: Sometimes, the victims of ghosting suffer big mental traumas

Casually insulting people and laughing it off as a joke: one of the most common toxic behaviors seen across schools, colleges, and offices

Shaming people for being too thin or too fat: shaming people for being fat is beneficial as it encourages them to be healthy, but it doesn’t work like that