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Walmart Shooting: Authorities Identify 6 People Who Were Shot and Killed in Virginia

Victims in Walmart Shooting
identities of victims in Walmart shooting finally identified. (Photo: CNN)

Police authorities have identified the six individuals who were shot and killed by a store manager in a Walmart store in Virginia.

Victims in Walmart Shooting

identities of victims in the Walmart shooting were finally identified. (Photo: CNN)

Identities of Victims in a Shooting Incident in Walmart Store

Police authorities have finally identified and released the identities of six individuals who were shot and killed in a Walmart store in Virginia. According to a news release from the City of Chesapeake they are Lorenzo Gamble, Brian Pendleton, Kellie Pyle, Randall Blevins, and Tyneka Johnson.

Meanwhile, the sixth victim, who was a 16-year-old boy, was not named because he is still a minor, authorities said. It was also found by a news outlet that all six victims were employed in the Walmart store. The shooter was the store manager who shot himself after committing the mass shooting.

A release said “The City of Chesapeake has always been known as the ‘City That Cares’ and now, more than ever, we know our City will show up and care for those who need it most. Please join us in praying for the family and friends of these community members who we have lost.”

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Suspect in the Shooting Incident

The suspect in the shooting incident was identified as Andre Bing, 31 years old, and the store manager of Walmart where the incident happened. The company confirmed that Bing had been employed at Walmart since 2010 and they did not expect that he would commit such a crime.

In a published report in CNN News, Chesapeake Mayor Rick West said in a video message posted Wednesday evening, “Law enforcement will do what they can and I promise you, more information will follow,” The mass shooting was not expected in a place traditionally seen as safe – from schools to hospitals to stores.

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