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US students should not travel to Mexico for spring break, former FBI assistant director advises

In consideration of the most recent cartel-related violence, which resulted in the deaths of 2 Americans and the kidnapping of 2 more, a former senior FBI official advised against American college students traveling to Mexico.

Former Assistant Director of the FBI Tom Fuentes said, “Jesse Watters Primetime,” “Totally, definitely not.”

“The drawback of these all-inclusive resorts, despite their high levels of security, safety, and protection, is that you must travel there. Hence the risk is traveling from the transport hub to the genuine resort, where you are protected, after getting off the airplane, bus, and train.”

He compared that dynamic and the event in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, where the 4 Americans ended up under cartel siege just miles from Brownsville, Texas.

As with the Americans who were killed in Matamoros, Fuentes advised, “You’re in danger when traveling, so once they arrived at the border, they are on their own.

“We do not know, but they may have been traveling to a medical center with security officers. But they were undoubtedly alone once they arrived at the border.”

Fuentes noted that the Biden administration doesn’t seem to have a clear plan for dealing with cartel crime or trafficking.

“Or, if they have a plan, they failed to explain it in a way that made sense,” he continued.

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