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Update on Stimulus: In 5 Days, Direct One-Time $800 South Carolina Tax Rebate Will Be Issued

The rebate amount is defined by a person’s 2021 tax liability, which is the sum that remains after subtracting any tax credits from any future income tax due. Based on the South Carolina Department of Revenue, taxpayers with a tax burden of $800 or more will get the whole amount, and those who owe money will have that amount deducted from the rebate.

The refund will be paid out before the end of the year to taxpayers who submitted their 2021 SC1040 tax return in October. However, people who were forced to miss the deadline due to Hurricane Ian have until February 15, 2023, to complete their tax forms. They will still be paid but in March.

The $800 rebate will be sent into the same bank account used to receive a 2021 refund. Online payment tracking is possible, however, access to the tracking website requires either a user’s Social Security number or their Taxpayer Identification Number from their SC1040 form.

South Carolina is one of the states experimenting with different types of financial assistance for individuals suffering from rising costs for almost all products as a result of continued high inflation.


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