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Update on California Middle-Class Tax Refund (MCTR)? Here’s Why You Haven’t Received It Yet

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In October 2022, thousands of Californians were going to receive their relief payments of around $1,050. It is a part of the state’s Middle-Class Tax Refund. But currently, it’s November, and a number of golden state residents haven’t received their payments and they are still waiting.

California has set an amount of $97 billion, and extra money for providing people is now sending an amount between $200 and $1,050. To the ones who have low incomes that are less than $250,000 annually and less than $500,000 for households and families.

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The middle-class tax refund is also known as ‘MCTR’ and California people will get their MCTR through direct deposits and debit cards.

Are you planning on holiday and worried about receiving your tax refund? A schedule is published regarding receiving and issuing payments by the state’s Franchise Tax Board. The board has stated that on Friday, 4.5 million direct deposits have been issued to citizens’ bank accounts, and mailed around 905,000 debit cards, by now.

Basically, direct deposit payments are for those who are eligible taxpayers. And for those who have filed their state tax return for the year 2020. For the remaining taxpayers, MCTR debit card payments have been mailed to them.

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Eligibility for MCTR: Middle-Class Tax Refund

You have to be eligible for receiving these payments. During the COVID-19 pandemic, if you received your Golden State Stimulus (GSS) payment, then only you will be eligible to receive your MCTR payment through direct deposit. It is believed, the remaining residents will receive MCTR payments and direct deposits between 7 October to 25 October 2022.

And for the taxpayers who didn’t get their Golden State Stimulus (GSS) payment and are eligible for MCTR, then by 14 November, they will get their direct deposits. Debit card payments for MCTR for Californians, are going to be mailed between 24 October and 10 December (for those who received GSS).

But if you are one of those who didn’t get GSS, but for MCTR, you’re eligible then by 14 January, you will receive your remaining debit cards through the mail.