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Update on 2022 Tax Debates: $100 to $300 Direct Payments Schedule for New Year

$1,682 Social Security Pay Check for November Ready For Release
Third SS payment November: Who is receiving a check for up to $1,682 today?(Photo: CNET)Third SS payment November: Who is receiving a check for up to $1,682 today?(Photo: MyStateLine)

Update on 2022 Tax Debates: Direct Payments From $100 to $300 Scheduled for New Year

Thousands of Hawaiians have already received the Act 115 Refund with an of up to $300 from a nearly $300 million pot. But those who filed their taxes late during the fall could still be waiting on either a direct deposit or paper check. A shortage of paper has caused delays in mailing check rebates, which can take up to 12 weeks longer than direct deposits.

For recipients to qualify, they must file their 2021 taxes no later than December 31 and have resided in Hawaii for at least nine months during that year. Those taxpayers who made less than $100,000, will expect $300 payments with those making between $1,00,000 and $200,000 due $100 according to a published post by The US Sun.

Direct Payments From $100 to $300 scheduled for New Year

Direct payments from $100 to $300 are scheduled for New Year. (Photo: The US Sun)

Direct Payments From $100 to $300 are Scheduled for New Year

There is a great possibility that you might not be getting a Christmas bonus this year, but many states are giving residents a bonus tax refund or stimulus check to help them cope with ongoing inflation. Some have finished sending out funds, but many others are still issuing direct payments.

In November the state of Massachusetts has only begun returning $3 billion in surplus tax revenue. These payments which equal about 14% of an individual’s 2021 state income tax liability, are expected to continue to be issued at least through about Dec 15.

South Carolina started issuing printed checks, debit cards, and direct deposits for up to $800 in October and will continue through the end of the year. The income tax rebates were approved by state lawmakers as part of this year’s $8.4 billion budget.