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Up To $3,284 Direct Payment Release in Two Days: Check Status Now If You Are Qualified!

Eligible people in the United States will get a sum of $3,284 direct payment release in just a few days.

Up To $3,284 Direct Payment Release in Two Days: Check Status Now If You Are Qualified!

In just a few days, eligible people in the United States will get $3,284. (Photo: Alaska PFD)

Direct Payment Release Eligibility

Permanent Fund Dividend in 2022, the state of Alaska is still giving out money through direct payment release from the fund. The money is given back to the people every year as a share of the oil money the state gets.

Together with an energy relief check, it was worth $3,284 in 2022. You must have filled out an application for the PFD in order to get it.

The deadline for applications is March 31 every year. Besides filling out an application, you must have lived in Alaska for the whole year of 2021. You also can’t have been jailed or given a sentence for a crime during that year.

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Direct Payment Release Schedule

If you haven’t gotten your money yet, you can go online to the state’s Department of Revenue to see what’s going on with your application. The state is sending checks for $3,284 to people whose forms are in “Eligible-Not Paid.” The DOR says that it will send at least two more PFD payments in 2022. This includes applications that have the state “Eligible-Not Paid” on April 12 and May 10.

Residents in these groups will get their payments on April 20 and May 18, respectively. So, another group of qualified Alaskans should start getting their money in less than 48 hours. But remember that there’s a big tax catch.

Only $662 of the PFD is not taxed because it is the amount for energy relief. The rest of the $2,622 will, however, be. So, if you haven’t done your taxes yet, keep this in mind. If your state gave you a rebate or other relief money in 2022, the IRS does not consider it taxable, so you do not have to report it.

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