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Up to $1,500 One-Time Payment Will Be Given To Homeowners and Renters, Here’s How To Apply

$1,500 Direct Payment
Up to $1,500 Direct Payment will be given to homeowners and renters. (Photo: iStock)

A one-time payment ranging between $400 to $1,500 will be given to homeowners and renters under a new program.

$1,500 Direct Payment

Up to $1,500 Direct Payment will be given to homeowners and renters. (Photo: iStock)

$400 to $1,500 One-Time Payment

House eviction is one of the problems that millions of American families faced during the wake of the pandemic. This continues due to the increasing inflation rate that affected the economic status of American families across the country.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy and the state lawmakers introduced the new ANCHOR program way back in 2022. This stands for Affordable NJ Communities for Homeowners & Renters and this replaced the former Homestead Benefit that only helped the homeowners.

In a published report in The U.S. Sun, the new ANCHOR program is expanded to the renters in the state. This now offers tax relief to both homeowners and renters as long as they qualified for the requirements set by the state. It is also expected that around 1.2 million homeowners will receive an amount of $1,500 while 900,000 renters will receive $450.

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How To Apply?

Under the new ANCHOR Program, renters and homeowners in the state are qualified to apply the program. However, the process of application is slightly different. According to the same source of the report, eligible renters may apply online at the New Jersey ANCHOR website or complete a paper application.

Additionally, tenants and renters do not also need to have an ID and PIN. Likewise, there is also no “phone option” available for renters. However, homeowner applicants need to have an ANCHOR ID and PIN to apply online or by phone.

Moreover, homeowner applicants can access the online ID and PIN inquiry system to retrieve them if they filed a Homestead Benefit application last year.



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