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Universal Basic Income Pilot Program To Provide $800 Monthly Payments For 18 Months To Selected Applicants In Palm Springs, California

Pilot Program
New "pilot" program ( Photo : Investopedia)

Palm Springs, California has chosen 30 qualified individuals to receive monthly payments of $800 for 18 months as part of a new Universal Basic Income (UBI) pilot program.

Pilot Program

New “pilot” program ( Photo: Investopedia)

Receive Monthly Payments of $800 for 18 Months In The New “Pilot” Program.

The program is a collaboration between Palm Springs, Queer Works, and DAP Health, with $500,000 allocated by the Palm Springs City Council for the initiative. The application period for the program closed on March 25 and applicants had to meet certain qualifications to be considered. They needed to be residents of Palm Springs who earned less than 30% of the median income in Riverside County, which amounts to less than $16,600 per year. In addition, recipients had to be clients of DAP Health or Queer Works and agree to participate in a study that examines the impact of the program. The study includes monthly surveys and data collection.

The qualified applicants were randomly selected, and the funds will be disbursed on May 15. UBI programs aim to provide monthly payments to a specific group without restrictions on how the payments are used. Several states, counties, and nonprofits have introduced UBI pilot programs in response to the pandemic and rising inflation. Many UBI supporters believe in implementing a nationwide program that would provide funds to all residents, regardless of location and income.

Meanwhile, in Colorado, low-income seniors and disabled residents who qualified for the Property Tax, Rent, Heat Rebate program will start receiving payments of up to $1,044 on April 5. The $7 million rebate program aims to help individuals who have a difficult time making ends meet, especially during winter months.

Alaska residents had until March 31 to apply for the annual Permanent Fund Dividend program.

The program distributes part of the state’s energy revenues to full-year residents, with a payment amount of $3,284.

Additionally, recipients of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) will receive their April payment a day earlier than usual due to April 1 being a Saturday. SSI payments are usually distributed on the first of the month. As a result, beneficiaries will receive their payment on March 31. They will have to wait until May 1 to receive their next payment.

Overall, these direct payments aim to alleviate financial hardship for individuals who have been adversely affected by the pandemic and economic challenges.

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