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Unforgotten Season 4: Interested in Crime Drama?

Unforgotten Season 4

The series started airing in 2015, and now it’s no turning back. The television series Unforgotten is going strong as ever, and it has been seven years since the pilot episode came out. The creator of this television series is Chris Lang and the number of seasons for the Unforgotten Series is four. We are primarily here to discuss the fourth season of the television series Unforgotten. The original network for the air of the television series Unforgotten is ITV, and the distributor of the series is BBC Worldwide. There are 24 episodes out of four seasons, and yes, this series is worth a watch. We have the details, do have a glance:


What is the cast of Unforgotten Season 4?

Unforgotten Season 4 Cast

The cast of the television series includes Nicola Walker playing the character of Cassie Stuart. She is a permanent cast member and has appeared in all four series of Unforgotten. Next, we have Sanjeev Bhaskar playing the part of Sunny Khan, also known as Sunil Khan. The next cast member in the spotlight is Sinead Keenan, who plays the role of Jessica James. The other cast members are Jordon Long, Lewis Reeves, Pippa Nixon, Peter Egan, Jassa Ahluwalia and others. The cast members from Series One are Tom Courtenay, Trevor Eve, Bernard Hill, Claire Goose, Silas Carson, Zoe Telford, David Troughton and others. The second series of the shoes stars actors like Lorraine Ashbourne, Nigel Lindsay, Katherine Jakeways, Mark Bonnar, Holly Aird and others. As we can see, every season has a different starcast which makes the television series Unforgotten a delight and must-watch.


What is the Unforgotten Season 4 Release Date?

Unforgotten Season 4 Release Date

The television series Unforgotten is one of the most nuanced thriller crime dramas, and the fan awaits the upcoming fourth season with its twists and turns. The Unforgotten Season 4 was released on July 11, 2022, and the response from the audience was terrific. The thriller crime drama grabbed keen attention from the audience, and the IMDB Ratings for the series tell us a lot. The fourth season of the television series was highly awaited but delayed due to unforeseeable reasons. The Unforgotten Season 4 was all set to release in the Autumn of 2019, but the commencement of the filming was postponed. The filming was scheduled for the summer of 2019 but was pushed to the summer of 2020. Then we all know the story of how the world shut down, and so did the entertainment industry. And here we are when we finally get to see the fourth season of Unforgotten on the original broadcasting network ITV.


What are the IMDB Ratings for Unforgotten Season 4?

Unforgotten Season 4 IMDB Ratings

The ratings for the crime thriller have been excellent, and the show’s popularity is only soaring. The IMDB Ratings of the series is 8.3 out of 10, the current popularity of the series ranks 662, and 11 points upped the ratings in recent times. This tells a lot about the series Unforgotten that the show is beloved by the audiences, and those who don’t know of it have made it popular in no time. The television series Unforgotten originally airs in the United Kingdom, but after the third season’s release, the show made its debut on American television screens. The International Broadcaster of the television series Unforgotten Season 4 is the television channel PBS, and Unforgotten’s first season aired in 2018. 


The Award list for the Television Series Unforgotten:

Unforgotten Season 4 Awards

The best way to commemorate a television series is to felicitate them with awards and honours. The television series Unforgotten has earned many glamorous awards, one of which is the British Academy Television Awards, also popularly known as BAFTA. The Actor Tom Courtenay has been awarded the BAFTA Awards for his commendable acting in the television series Unforgotten. This makes the television series Unforgotten a top contender for your must-watch list. 

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