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Unemployment Tax Refund: See Reasons Behind Delay

Unemployment Tax Refund
This is a representation photo showing a coffee mug near open folder with tax withholding paper. Several experts share tips on why your unemployment tax refund may be delayed. (Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash)

 Several reports mentioned that many Americans who have applied for unemployment tax refunds are still waiting for their benefits. This delay is causing frustration and anxiety for those who rely on these funds to make ends meet.

Many individuals may be going longer than necessary without income, sometimes due to uncontrollable circumstances that take weeks or months to settle. 

unemployment tax refund

This is a representation photo showing tax documents. Experts shared several tips as to why your unemployment tax refund may be delayed. (Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash)

Unemployment Tax Refund: Reasons Behind Delays

There are the most probable explanations for your payment delay, in case you’re wondering what’s behind the unemployment tax refund delays.

You Made a Wrong Claim

Investopedia said it’s simple to make a mistake on your unemployment tax refund application if you’re applying for the first time, the claim forms have changed, or your state’s filing procedure has changed. However, sometimes something as simple as forgetting to tick a box will prevent your claim from being immediately granted. Instead, it will be added to a lengthy list of claims that need human evaluation.

The Unemployment System in Your State Is Outdated 

The Washington Post reported that the District of Columbia’s unemployment website was built using a programming language from the 1950s. Also, it was constructed before cell phones in the early 2000s. Anybody who didn’t have access to a desktop or laptop computer had to call in their claim. Computer programmers also needed more than two weeks to make only one pandemic-related adjustment to jobless benefits. 

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Your State’s Department of Unemployment Is Overburdened 

Another WP report mentioned that the volume of claims has just been too much for them to handle. 

Not only were there many more jobless individuals, but also more people who weren’t typically qualified for benefits, such self-employed employees, started to qualify, which increased the burden on state services. 

The Department of Unemployment is still checking your bank account

Even once you’re certain that your direct deposit information is accurate, you could still need to wait a few weeks before receiving payments while the unemployment office confirms your bank account. For instance, this procedure takes nine business days in Massachusetts, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts said. The department suspends your benefits at that period, and you are not paid.

Around 90% of tax refund payments are sorted, claims the Federal Revenue Service, in fewer than 21 days, Tododoisca said. There is no need to panic if there is a delay. It can be because there are missing papers or information, the IRS wants to verify something, or both. Nonetheless, checking the IRS website Where’s My Refund? will make you feel more at ease.

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