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Unemployment Eligibility Worth Up to $450 for California Residents: Who Are Qualified?

Unemployment Assistance
Nation's wealthiest people received unemployment assistance. (Photo: CNN)

Workers in California may be eligible for a weekly benefit payment under the unemployment benefits program.

However, numerous studies have stated the circumstances under which you would not be eligible for the benefits.

A state-led unemployment benefits program gives people a temporary source of income in the event they lose their jobs for no fault of their own. This might apply to both firing someone and mass layoffs. 

This plan’s funding is intended to assist you in paying your bills while you hunt for job. It’s vital to keep in mind that only Americans are eligible for these benefits.

California Offers Unemployment Benefits

Marca mentioned that the state of California does offer unemployment benefits if the person receiving them meets the following requirements: 

  • The worker performed the fundamental obligations they were given upon hiring;
  • The employee didn’t materially violate the conditions of the contract;
  • The employee didn’t willfully disregard the provisions of the contract that the employer set forth; and
  • The worker didn’t intentionally harm the company’s reputation or business in any way.

State of California’s Employment Development Department said that the amount you could receive through the said benefit ranges from $40 to $450 per week, with an unemployment benefit calculator determining the exact amount.

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Can You Still Have Benefits if You Quit Job Due to Stress?

For California residents to qualify for the same benefit, another Marca report mentioned that their unemployment must be the result of another person’s wrongdoing. 

You won’t be eligible for unemployment benefits if you quit your job voluntarily without a good cause. 

In some circumstances, the term “voluntary behavior” can be unclear. 

For instance, if the employer gives the employee a choice to leave rather than having them fired if they were already going to lose their job, it is not considered a voluntary resignation. They are ineligible for benefits in this situation. 

You may be eligible for the benefits if you must be present to care for a family member who is critically ill.