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Unemployment Benefits in California: How Long Would It Last in the State?

unemployment benefits in California
This is a reperesntation photo of a "now hiring sign" outside a business as many people want to get unemployment benefits in California. (Photo by Ernie Journeys via Unsplash)

The unemployment rate in California is back to where it was before the COVID-19 outbreak, when it skyrocketed and drove millions of people to apply for unemployment benefits in California.

AS said the state’s Employment Development Department (EDD), which processes claims, strained under the weight of the numerous applications at that time. 

The agency has now improved and taken numerous lessons from those challenging times. The government claims to be prepared in light of the massive layoffs occurring in the IT sector and worries that the economy may yet slip into recession due to increasing interest rates.

unemployment benefits in California

This is a photo representation of a poor man lying on the street as many people want to claim unemployment benefits in California. (Photo by Mihály Köles via Unsplash)

Edd Won’t Demand Restitution for Incorrectly Granted Unemployment Benefits in California

According to The San Francisco Chronicle, many Californians who received extra during the pandemic will not be required to pay back the money they got from unemployment benefits in California as long as they did not commit fraud. 

The state Employment Development Department and the Center for Workers’ Rights, a consumer protection organization, inked a contract on Friday stipulating that the EDD will not pursue claimants whose eligibility for benefits it later determined to be ineligible.

The EDD has recently sent “notices of overpayment” to at least 5,000 Californians, and it is probable that many more people would have gotten the notices as the EDD cleared its backlog. 

The payments in question might total up to $11,700, or $450 per week for 26 weeks of benefits. 

EDD will no longer issue the overpayment notifications regarding unemployment benefits in California, those that have already been received will be cancelled, and any sums paid by claimants in response to letters that it delivered beyond the one-year mark will be reimbursed.

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How Long Would UI Last?

Crossner Legal said claim for unemployment benefits in California is valid for a year. Claimants are eligible for 12-26 weeks of full payments throughout the course of the year. The number of weeks changes according to total earnings during the base period (a person’s earnings over the course of a calendar year). 

If you exhaust your benefits, that is, beyond age 26, you are no longer eligible to receive unemployment benefits. Instead, you must wait until the benefits year has ended, which is normally 52 weeks from the day your initial benefits claim was submitted. But, if you can satisfy the basic eligibility conditions (the same as in your first claim) in addition to an extra “past earnings” criterion, you are allowed to submit a second claim for additional benefits after your 52-week benefit year has ended.

What Happens if UI Benefits Run Out?

Marca said unemployment claims end after 12 months when a first claim is made. It is vital to remember that after the unemployment term is up, people will no longer get payments, even if their claims still have a balance. 

If an individual has earned the requisite income during the previous 18 months and is still jobless or working part-time, they may reapply for unemployment benefits. 

The processing of new claims for the unemployment benefits in California might take two to three weeks.

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