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Under the Trump Administration, Chinese Balloons Floated 3 Times Across the US: Said Authorities

As stated by a senior U.S. defense official, the same balloons as the 1 shot down off the coast of South Carolina this past weekend have flown over the country at least 3 times under the Trump administration.

Republicans have been attacking the Biden administration’s handling of the alleged Chinese spy balloon which traveled across the nation for the last few days. However, an authority disclosed throughout a meeting on Saturday that the United States was aware of 3 other situations during the previous administration and one example earlier in the Biden administration where such an apparatus “transited” the nation.

A senior defense executive stated, “PRC [People’s Republic of China] government surveillance balloons managed to travel the continental United States for brief periods at least 3 times throughout the prior administration but once that we are aware of at the early stages of this administration, but never during this duration.” “We directly communicated with Chinese officials via several channels, but the PRC released an excuse that lacked any credibility in place of addressing their incursion into our airspace.”

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