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Under Plan by Congress, Millions of People Will Lose Medicaid Coverage

If Congress approves the $1.7 trillion spending plan that leaders revealed on Tuesday, millions of Americans who joined Medicaid during the COVID-19 crisis might begin to lose their coverage on April 1.

The law will put an end to a COVID-19 public health emergency rule that prevented states from kicking people off Medicaid. In a letter to the president on Monday, 25 Republican governors pushed him to stop the public health emergency, highlighting growing worries over Medicaid enrollment that have put the Biden administration under increasing pressure.

According to Massey Whorley, a principal at the health consulting firm Avalere, “This is a benefit for states in terms of planning, but this will come at the cost of some individuals losing their health insurance.”

The program, which provides health insurance to over 80 million low-income individuals nationwide, is expected to lose millions of participants. According to the idea, the federal government will also reduce additional money provided to states for the new enrollees throughout the next year.

The Affordable Care Act, employers, or, in the case of kids, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, will all make a lot of people eligible for health insurance coverage.

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