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UBI Updates: US Citizens To Receive $500 Monthly Checks Soon

Eligible Americans will receive $17,000 under the guaranteed cash program; 25 California residents will get the money; Californian mothers will receive $500 monthly checks; the government aims to assist the low-income families in the state. The state has offered several schemes for residents; the US Sun reports that the 4,000 students will receive financial help. Several students cannot cover their everyday expenses, including food and shelter. The federal government ceased the relief benefits by 2021. However, the conditions remain critical due to the rise in inflation.

UBI Updates: US Citizens To Receive $500 Monthly Checks Soon

California residents will receive the benefits

The US Sun reports that a California lawmaker calls for introducing $500 monthly payments for low-income students. Beneficiaries need to check the eligibility criteria and apply for the benefits; these checks are based on Universal Basic Income. The federal government and the states try to devise proper measures to aid students’ livelihood. The continuous price rise has worsened the situation, and the expenses have shot up incredibly. The UBI scheme also offers help to struggling parents, including grandmothers, aunts, cousins, and siblings. The government has prioritized children’s lifestyles through frequent financial plans. Mothers with imprisoned partners are also eligible for monthly checks.

Single mothers and single parents will get monthly checks

The US Sun reports that the 110 single moms in Birmingham will receive the benefits. Women with at least one kid below 18 qualify for application. Beneficiaries need to look into every parameter before applying for help. The reports say that the scheme will also offer payments to foster mothers. The government officials will provide the necessary details regarding the payments. Single mothers in the South can get $375 per month under the UBI scheme. The city has received $500,000 to issue financial relief to the needs of families and individuals.

Parents in different states and cities will receive payments; they need to check with the concerned authorities and online sources to know about the amount. The applicants need to submit their applications before the deadline. Several states have separate programs to help struggling residents. The government aims to secure the financial condition of the citizens; individuals need sufficient cushion to tackle the recent price surge.

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