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Trump Makes Dangerous Warning to U.S. Regarding “Unprecedented Threat”

On Saturday, Donald Trump, a former president, made a scary but confusing warning about an upcoming threat to the United States.

On the social media page Truth Social, the former president stated, “This is the most hazardous period in the history of our Nation.” “The very dark and gloomy background is growing with the threat of World War III more than before. The only reason for this extraordinary threat to the United States and the rest of the world is “leadership.” JOE BIDEN, OUR HOPELESS LEADER, IS TAKING US TO OBLIVION!”

The post had around 15,000 likes as of Saturday afternoon and about 5,000 users had shared it. According to a study from September of last year, Truth Social has fewer than 2 million unique users.

It is challenging to identify whether the current policies of the Biden administration or those of other leaders Trump is criticizing given the uncertainty of his Truth Social post. Newsweek requested clarification from Trump’s advisers and requested a response from the White House.

Trump is referring to Biden’s positions on the continuing conflict between Russia and Ukraine considering the reference to “World War III” in his statement. On Monday, Biden paid an unscheduled visit to war-torn Ukraine to talk with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and restate his commitment to providing the Eastern European nation financial and military support as the conflict approached its first anniversary on Friday.

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