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Trump “Major Announcement” Leads to Suit and VP Pick Speculation

The mysterious “Big Announcement” made by former President Donald Trump has people wondering what he might be planning to announce later this week.

Trump shared a video on his Truth Social account on Wednesday with the message, “SUPERHERO IS A NEED IN AMERICA! Tomorrow, I’ll make a HUGE Announcement. I’m grateful.”

In the animation, Trump is seen standing in front of the Trump Tower, pulling off his suit to reveal a superhero outfit with the letter “T,” and shooting laser beams out of his eyes.

Trump made no more mention of the announcement’s timing or location. Even though he provided few details regarding the announcement scheduled for December 15, social media users quickly recognized what the former president had in store for Thursday.

“On Thursday, will Trump make a “big announcement”? Will he declare a run for a third party? B id for House Speaker ?” Todd Starnes, a conservative commentator, tweeted.

One person predicted, “I get the sense that Trump has heard from his lawyers that something is going to happen this Thursday or Friday and he wants to make a massive announcement ahead of it.

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