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Trump and DOJ Receive a Surprise, When Special Master Cancels an Upcoming Hearing About Many Issues- Orders Both Parties to Instead Respond to Questions in Writing

On Monday, the master ruling over the dispute between former President Donald Trump and federal investigators over a shrinking number of papers advised the lawyers for both parties to avoid appearing in court at a hearing he had planned for next month. The special master made the declaration- Raymond J. Dearie, about the order, submitted directly to the federal docket.

The decision defends the last-minute modification in the proceedings regarding “additional examination of the record” and states “there are no matters compelling counsel to come to Brooklyn for an in-person discussion.”

Previously reported by law & crime, in this year’s early November, to end the dispute, Dearie settled a tight schedule. Included a shelved status hearing for 1 December 2022. At the time, the hearing was written by the special master, “to expand the respective positions, be an opportunity for the parties.”

In current court hearings, Trump has raised several concerns, chief among them his suspicion that the National Archives and Records Administration is a politically motivated organization trying to undermine the former president politically through the classified papers/documents case.

On the other hand, as of late, the federal government has been concerned with trump attempting to verify the inventory, through an affidavit, for the number of seized documents.

A recent order from Dearie sidesteps those concerns in favor of direct inquiries concerning a relatively limited set of documents. The special master prefers, the lawyers clarify whether they concur or disagree with the “categorization” of specific “documents under the Presidential Records Act” rather than debating the different objections and issues.

A DOJ internal filter team has divided the enormous collection of papers extracted from the FBI raid into various batches for evaluation. These batches are known as “Filter A,” “Filter B,” and “Filter C” materials.

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