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Tourist from Arizona Wins $229,000 on Las Vegas Slot Machine, Didn’t Realize Until He Left


Robert Taylor’s machine stopped working due to a “communication fault,” and neither he nor the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino recognized he’d won a progressive jackpot the evening of Jan. 8, according to a statement released by the Nevada Gaming Control Board on Friday.

Arizona man wins the jackpot

According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, the slot machine malfunctioned, preventing Taylor and casino officials from discovering that he won a progressive jackpot.  He had returned to Arizona and by the time he had returned a  thorough analysis of the slot machine and communications technology was completed, verifying the jackpot had been won, verifying had won the jackpot, The Guardian reported 

The casino was having trouble identifying its lucky customer. The gaming commission initiated an investigation that included hours of surveillance footage from multiple properties, witness interviews, an examination of electronic transaction records, and an analysis of ride-share data collected from the Nevada Transportation Authority.

Gaining the public’s trust

Agents on the case were congratulated by James Taylor, chief of the Board’s Enforcement Division, for spending numerous hours over two weeks to guarantee that a consumer was granted prizes promised to him, ensuring that public trust in the gaming industry stays strong. Taylor, whose hometown was not disclosed, was notified of his jackpot on Jan. 28 and expected to collect at the casino this weekend, according to the lottery board, CBS News posted. 

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Nevada gaming sector has rebounded. According to a study released last month by the state gaming commission, casinos “win” or earn a record $13.4 billion in 2021, up from $12 billion in 2019.

The Associated Press sent a message to the casino seeking more information, but no one responded right away.

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