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Top 5 Home Appliances You Didn’t Know That Increases Your Electric Bill Every Month

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Top 5 Home Appliances That Hike Up Your Electric Bill Every Month(Photo: The Spruce / Nelly Cuanalo)

Unsure of which home appliances are causing your electric bill to increase the most?

Finding out what is costing you the most can help you figure out how to lower your electric bill.

One major issue is that certain appliances keep using energy long after they are switched “off.” You must be aware of how many devices use electricity even when they are turned off. In actuality, a digital clock built into anything uses some electricity.

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Top 5 Home Appliances That Increases Your Electric Bill Every Month(Photo:

These are top 5 energy vampires home appliances to watch out for in your home.

Central Air Conditioning
Average Wattage: 3,000-3,500 watts
Cost per Hour: $0.12

When it comes to raising your electric bill, this is the grandfather of them all. It’s enticing to keep your house cool in the summer, but it costs a lot of money.

Water Heater
Average Wattage: 1,125 watts
Cost per Hour: $0.45+

Other methods exist besides repeatedly plugging and unplugging a water heater device, which would be time-consuming. Lowering the temperature on your water heater will help you save electric bill.

Clothes Dryer
Average Wattage: 2,790 watts
Cost per Year: $22.35

Hang your sheets outside to dry if the skies are clear. As a bonus, you’ll also get that clean, outdoor smell while saving money. When not in use, you can unplug this appliance.

Average Wattage: 225 watts
Cost per Hour: $0.52+

If you have multiple refrigerators, you might want to combine your frozen goods so you can typically leave the second one unplugged. If the second fridge is older, you might also think about getting rid of it completely.

Average Wattage: 800-1,000
Cost per Hour: $0.08

It comes as no surprise that a microwave oven uses a lot of energy when you quickly reheat an entire meal, but it also consumes energy when it is idle. The same goes for a microwave; all devices with clocks use energy when they aren’t being used.

Figuring out what home appliances are costing you the most will help you figure out how to lower your electric bill every month.