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Top 3 Real Factors for Californians Migrating to Texas


On paper, it may appear that Californians are migrating to Texas because of the state’s incredibly high housing and rental costs, but we all know the reality.

The world recognizes Texans for their toughness and intolerance of bull. While they don’t take like to complaining, wine, W.I.N.E., is a completely different matter.


Number Three: Texas wine is hugely popular right now! states that “our short and exceptionally warm growing season indicates an early harvest traditionally compared to areas like Napa. We arrive there quicker.

Additionally, Texans enjoy supporting their other Texans, therefore we prefer to buy local goods wherever possible, including in the wine section. Every day, we discover new wines produced in Texas from grapes grown nearby. California also notices it.

Number Two- When you have to go the restroom; Buc- ee’s

In Texas, everything is bigger. Welcome to Californians at Buc- ee’s. There are simply no bigger issues than this.

Although Texas has many highways and rolling hills, compared to California, there is no Texas road trip complete without a visit to Buc- ee’s. They have large stations, clean restrooms, and insanely good beef jerky. It seems that Californians enjoy beaver nuggets similarly to Texans.

Number One- No matter where you come from, there is nothing better than a Whataburger.

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Except if you live in Texas, of course.

A Whataburger burger is like no other. Period. Story over. No, the story ends here, literally. Whataburger is a favorite restaurant among Texans, who also host birthday celebrations there and get married there. We also ride our horses at WHATABURGER.