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Top 10 Costco Products That Are Worth Your Hard-earned Dollars? Check Them Out!

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It can be difficult to leave Costco without a shopping cart overflowing with items, but experts say there are some items at the mega warehouse club that are simply not worth the money. So, what are the Costco purchases that are worth your money?

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Top 10 Costco Products That Are Worth Your Hard-earned Dollars? Check Them Out! (Photo: Getty Images

Here are the top 10 Costco purchases you won’t regret buying.

Sharper Image’s Power Percussion Deep-Tissue Massager

Deep Tissue Massager Kit

(Photo: Shopping with Dave)

Costco sells this item for $79.99.


22w12286 vitamix lp A2300 Bundle 2

(Photo: Costco Wholesale)

Soups, nut butters, frozen desserts, and baby food can all be made with the Vitamix. It costs $399 at Costco.

Fairlife’s Protein Beverages

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(Photo: Costco Deals)

Costco sells an 18-pack of Fairlife’s protein beverage for $28.49.

Vital Proteins’ Collagen Peptides

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(Photo: Costco Buys)

Costco sells a 24-ounce container of this product for $29.99.

Kirkland Signature Breakfast Blend Coffee


(Photo: Shopee)

Costco sells a pack of 120 Kirkland Signature organic light-roast breakfast blend K-Cups for $38.99.

Yakisoba Stir Fry with Seasoned Chicken

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(Photo: Mashed)

This food kit sells for $6.49 per pound.

Realgood Chicken Enchiladas


(Photo by: Lunchtime Review)

You get three trays, each with two enchiladas, for $12.79.

Glad Take-Aways Containers

GLAD TAKE AWAY CONTAINER pack of 25 20220422 53122

(Photo: Costco East Fan Blog)

A set of 25 costs $7.99 at Costco.

Hunter Boots

download 2

(Photo: Costco Buys)

Boots Hunter sells for $6.49 per pound.

Saint Laurent Sunglasses

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(Photo: Costco Deals Online)

SLM3 black-gray model for $116.99 at Costco,


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