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Toddlers just Stop Napping Out of The Blue, According to New Research, Proving That- Parents Aren’t Crazy

Parents have millions of things to catch up on and do. Their productive hours for a day can be one or two hours. And if they are lucky enough, it will take only 15 minutes for them. In most cases, when a toddler turns 4-5 years, suddenly naps are not their cup of tea. They go out of nap and sleep. The idea of going to sleep and taking a nap can cause a meltdown for toddlers.

Parents have to catch their breath which is gone due to their super awake toddlers. Parents always complain about their toddlers not taking a nap. And according to new research, it is shown that parents aren’t wrong and crazy. So, for a toddler, why is it fine to take a nap one day and the next day, they are completely awake and not sleepy? The question is why it happens with toddlers at an early age.

Researchers have found and believe that it is related to the toddler’s hippocampus and its development. Professor Rebecca Spencer, looks into the matter, of the transition of toddlers from daily naps to a disturbed sleep cycle. And for sleeping continuously for a longer period daily.

Spencer, and her co-author Tracy Riggins, are specialized and professional in memory development. Both have combined and gathered their information and searches and some are already existing data regarding the topic- to form a hypothesis. Hippocampus and its development help in regulating memory; storing new data and information, helps in transmitting that a child no longer needs a nap or is not sleepy.

In early childhood of children, the hippocampus is in a quick state of development. For toddlers, taking a nap is a great method to be active so that, they can collect new information and data again.