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To The Texas Border- Governor Greg Abbott Intends to Dispatch M113 Armored Personnel Carriers

Last week, at the southern border, Greg Abbott- Governor of Texas stated, he is fighting an “invasion.” Last year, when Abbott launched “Operation Lone Star,” a number of thousands of Texas soldiers were sent to the border. Now, currently, it seems like all those soldiers are receiving armored personnel carriers. Based on an order, received by the Texas Tribune and Army Times, 10 Vietnam-era M113 APCs will soon be going to establish at the Texas border. For operating vehicles, 50 soldiers will be trained, which are created to carry troops in battle with the tanks.

The APCs can be supplied with a variety of weapons, including machine guns, grenade launchers, and even a cannon, and are by definition bulletproof. Texas may arm the APCs, but that is not certain. Additionally, M113s have tracks rather than tires, allowing them to move across more challenging terrain with less risk of being stuck. The Texas Military Department said, in order to deploy “battle taxis”, the Texas National Guard will also raise security efforts and aircraft flights at the border.

There have been a record number of migrants crossing the southern border since President- Joe Biden took office. The failure of the Federal Government to safeguard the southern border is considered to be a failure of duty by Governor Abbott and other conservative leaders. By criminalizing migrants seeking protection and those seeking to improve their circumstances, critics claimed Abbott was attempting to support his claims of invasion.

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