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To “Avoid” Responsibility for Financial Crimes; Prosecutors Told- Alex Murdaugh Murdered His Wife and Son

State prosecutors claimed on Friday, popular South Carolina personal injury lawyer Alex Murdaugh killed his wife and son last year to generate sympathy and buy himself more time because he was so anxious to “avoid the blame” for a series of financial crimes.

In a hearing before the criminal case scheduled for next month, where Murdaugh, 54, will be charged with murder in the murders of his wife Margaret, 52, and the couple’s youngest son Paul, 22, chief prosecutor Creighton Waters stated the motive of the state.

Many people, according to Waters, “I suppose when this investigation started, thought this was a murder case with some white collar [crime] running in there.” However, as a result of our detailed research, we have concluded that this was a white-collar crime that resulted in two killings.

According to Waters, the state has proved that Murdaugh took client money in “an unbroken sequence of continuous lies, misuse, and thefts” from roughly 2011 to 2021.

Prosecutors have submitted over 80 financial-related charges against Murdaugh since his arrest last year about an investigation into millions of dollars missing from an establishment relating to the death of his longtime housekeeper. They claim he stole about $8.5 million from over a dozen victims.

According to Waters, his need for money started after property deals in 2007 and 2008 turned “upside down.”

Then, in 2019, Paul Murdaugh was engaged in a boat accident that left passengers Mallory Beach, 19, dead and injured. Her family brought a wrongful death claim against the boat’s owners, the Murdaugh’s, and the chain of convenience stores for allegedly selling alcohol to the minor passengers.

According to Waters, the claimants predicted receiving a “personal recovery” from Murdaugh, whose financial situation was getting worse.

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