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Things to Do If You Have Received Incorrect Child Tax Credit Letter

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Child tax credit letters have been sent out by The Internal Revenue Service (IRS)  that include inaccurate information, leaving some taxpayers unsure of what to do.

According to The U.S. Sun, this is using the IRS letter “6419” that has been sent out this month as a reference. Most importantly, the document presents critical information on the enlarged child tax credit in 2021, such as the number of payments issued and the number of children who are eligible.

The IRS has confirmed that it has received complaints from individuals regarding the letter’s inaccurate dollar number. The IRS has confirmed, however, that it has received complaints from individuals regarding the letter’s inaccurate dollar number. While the IRS doesn’t really know how many letters have been sent out wrongly, Commissioner Chuck Rettig indicated in a press conference on Monday that he is very sure that the number is in tens out of the thousands.

While the IRS investigates the situation, we’ve outlined a few steps you can take in the meanwhile if you suspect your letter contains inaccurate information.

Using CTC portal, reviewing bank statements

The first thing you should do is glance over your records. If you chose direct deposit, you can review your bank records for each month to see how much money was deposited.

You can also view your payments on the IRS’s child tax credit portal. You’ll also double these to make sure they’re correct.

According to CBS News and per the Treasury Department, the site,, has a new tool that guides taxpayers to filing alternatives, eligibility information, and directions on how to obtain the credit. Support is available in a variety of languages, both online and in person.

Making sure of the correct details

A small number of taxpayers who relocated or changed bank accounts in December may be affected, according to the IRS. By logging into your account online and accessing your banking mailing information, you can ensure that your information is correct.

The IRS is grappling with a backlog of 6 million unprocessed tax returns, which is partly due to human error. Make sure your information is correct to avoid future delays and confusion.

Finally, if you’re concerned that your letter is incorrect, you should contact the IRS. You can reach the IRS at 1-800-829-1040.

Tax expert Matthew Cordes said that this may not be the case.

Mr. Cordes told the Detroit Free Press that the IRS “doesn’t have the structures in place or the staff to handle with phone calls or letters in responding to difficulties.”


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