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“There is No Longer a Norm, So Make it Your Own”, Says Texas Basketball Coach (Sydney Carter) in Response to Criticism of her Attire

At A$M University, Texas, Sydney Carter is a basketball coach. Last week, she is in the headlines for getting criticism for the outfit, she carries on the court. The coach was spotted carrying pink leather pants, a white turtleneck, and stilettos. A debate on the Internet is going on, considering what a coach should wear- professional or appropriate attire for a game.

Yet, Sydney has fought back, reacting to the comments with never-ending confidence. She gained support from other celebs on the web, including Nicki Minaj (rapper). Good Morning America (GMA) reported, Carter also motivated others to feel proud of their own attires.

The coach stated, “I was confused,” in an interview for GMA with ABC News- Deborah Roberts. “Only because this is what I have always followed and done. In Kentucky, at the game court, I carried pink pants only because we were supporting breast cancer awareness.

I was shocked when I posted my picture since I had no clue it would go viral in this way. 2012 witnessed, the Chicago Sky select Carter as a Texas A&M University basketball player, in the WNBA. She has worn clothing that reflects her sense of style since she started coaching the Texas basketball team.

She said, “At the end of the day, I’m still doing my job without being restricted by wearing high heels, leather pants, or even plain denim on the bench. I’m not the first person to sit on the bench wearing heels or leather pants, and I won’t be the last either.”

Carter regularly posts pictures of her style and outfits on Twitter, and she is so proud. Unfortunately, she received a lack of support from others for her self-expression. Coach argued, “Sometimes, it seems like, nothing is enough done by a woman, to satisfy people.”

“I don’t make things about racism or anything else. At the end of the day, I am aware that I can’t deny the fact, I’m a Black woman. So, I am not opting to do things that make people comfortable, because that’s what my style is and I am comfortable.”

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