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The Outbursts of Marjorie Taylor Greene Continue to Follow Her

When Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed to have been “attacked” lately in a restaurant, other people brought up similar actions by the Georgia Republican lawmaker.

Greene tweeted, “I was assaulted in a restaurant today by an insane woman and yelled at by her adult son. “They showed no consideration for the business, the workers, the customers, or people like me who only hold different political ideas. They are absolutely out of control, psychotic, and self-righteous.

“People used to appreciate others even though they shared different opinions,” said the speaker as he stood at his desk working with his team. “I never noticed these individuals until they transformed into demons. But no longer. Our nation is no more.”

In addition, David Hogg, a victim of the 2018 tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, talked about his encounter with Greene. “I dislike when that occurs. In 2018, a psychopath named Marjorie Taylor Greene attacked me and yelled at me. She showed no consideration for my employees or me, an 18-year-old victim of a school killing. She was absolutely out of control, psychotic, and self-righteous” Hogg wrote.

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