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The Mormon Church Publicly Supports the Same-Sex Marriage Law

On Tuesday the Mormon Church of Jesus Christ said that federal legislation would be proposed back to protect same-sex marriages. Utah-based faith around 17 million members has stated that same-sex relationships and marriages would be continued to be considered by church doctrine. However, they said for same-sex couples and relationships they would support the rights. As long as they didn’t break a rule or law of religious groups.

”We believe in this approach and it’s a way to move ahead. As we can be together to conserve the practices and principles of religious freedom. And the rights of LGBTQ people and individuals can be accomplished to promote great understanding and to heal relationships.” This statement is said by the church on its official website.

The church’s latest step to support, the ‘respect for marriage act’ which is under consideration by congress, is to have a more welcoming stance for the LGBTQ community. A professor of religious studies, Patrick Mason at Utah State University said that respecting laws with trying to protect religious liberty. And making sure that they are not being forced to accomplish same-sex marriages.

Faith and trust oppose sexual intimacy and same-sex marriage, but in current years, it has been a more welcoming stance for LGBTQ people and couples. In the year 2016, it is announced that same-sex attraction or relationship is not a sin. The bill and policy which was won by the supporters of democrats and republicans. On Wednesday, they are set for a test vote in Senate. Or as soon as later this month or this week, with a final vote.

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