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The Middle-Aged Brain Can Get Benefits From Cannabis

It is found that cannabis users are getting older. Studies have shown, the use of cannabis is found more in older people, mostly those who are retired. It is believed that cannabis affects the human brain in many ways across the lifespan. Due to any illness or injury, the pain increases, and in most older users from 50 to 60 years old. It is shown, according to reports, the common reason for lighting up cannabis is to reduce pain.

Most patients have also said, cannabis has only a few unpleasant side effects in comparison to the prescribed pain medicines and medications. The studies suggest, in older patients, the whole plant medical cannabis uses doesn’t put a negative impact or side effects on cognition.

Another important point for older users is that pharmacies and dispensaries are now offering products with more and increased potencies. The concentration and percent of THC in cannabis products have tripled from 4-12 percent from 1995 to 2012. Nowadays, the level of THC has increased and exceeded by 20 percent.

The adolescent and developing brains of humans and older people can’t be able to tolerate high doses. Research proved that the normal development of the human brain is damaged and weaker. And the consequences or results can last till adulthood.

Uses of Cannabis and The Older Brain

The recent study by Watson et al. showed the effects of cannabis on resting state functional connectivity in older adults (who are 60 to 88 years old). Older users of cannabis have greater and increased neuronal communication (between the hippocampus and cerebellum) in comparison to non-users.

These brain regions help in expressing high levels of cannabinoid receptors and the changes are very important for these areas. In cognition, both structures play an important role.

Studies have proved that daily stimulation and consumption of cannabis (cannabinoid) in older brains have given improved memory, increased hippocampal neurogenesis, and reduced brain inflammation. 

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