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The Iowa Teen is Back in Custody, After Killing her Rapist and Escaping from A Residential Detention Center

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A teen from Iowa and a victim of sex trafficking have killed a man. She accused of him rapping her several times, and she has given this statement. According to Polk County Sheriff’s Office, she is back in custody now as she escaped and ran away from the residential corrections facility and detention center.

Lewis was arrested a few days ago and currently, she is 18 years old. She was handcuffed when she escaped from Des Moines women’s center. Also, she was pleading guilty after she killed a 37-year-old man, Zachary Brooks. Lewis gave him wilful injuries and killed the man in the year 2020. When the killing happened lewis was only 15 years old at that time.

The department of corrections of Iowa said in a statement that she was back in police custody on Tuesday. According to Lt. Ryan Evans of the sheriff’s office, the teenage girl is taken to Polk County Jail. Ryan also said that the teenage girl can expect a future court date for breaking her probation.


On 4 November, early Friday, lewis has gone missing, and later she broke the connection of an electronic monitoring device and escaped from Fresh Start Women’s Center. When the teenage girl escaped, the officials filed a “probation violation report” and also requested an arrest warrant for her.

The report was signed by the residential supervisor and probation officer and has been sent for the request for the arrest warrant for Lewis. Lewis turned a resident of the Fresh Start Women’s Center after she accepted and pleaded guilty to the murder of brooks, she said he raped her several times.

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Later, the judge said that lewis has to pay a $150,000 restitution fee for the killing of Brooks and to compensate his family. The court has ordered this statement and compensation amount under the law of Iowa. He also issued that lewis has to do community service for 200 hours and to pay civil penalties of over $4,000.