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The idea that a professional couple earning over $200,000 together could buy a property in Los Angeles is “hilarious,” they claim

Stan Oklobdzija and his spouse reside in a one-bedroom apartment in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, and he is aware of his good status. Among whatever he earns and also whatever she earns, “we belong to the top of earnings,” he said Fortune, saying that their combined income is about $225,000 annually.

But he believes that they will always be renters. “Given housing expenses as they are, the thought of one-day becoming homeowners is completely ridiculous, to put it nicely. Like, we could just as easily become spaceship owners.

He claims that Oklobdzija, 40, is a guest associate professor of public policy at UC Riverside and that his spouse, 35, works in the digital advertising sector, earning every one of them 6 figures annually. He posted a few weeks ago that “the thought that we might ever purchase a house here is ridiculous” and that they spend $2,400 per month in rent.

How could we imagine a house in Los Angeles to be reasonable for someone earning less than that when anyone who earns 6 figures and over $200,000 with his spouse believes that they can’t afford one?

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