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The Cinema Charts Are Crashed By The Marvel Blockbusters

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As we start a new week, we will once again be doing the most recent US film charts. It’s not only about who’s at the top of the charts; it’s about the box office performance of the various movies as well. Any definite surprises to report? A brand new film can enter the top 10 right away. We acknowledged the findings to you.

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Bomb At The Box Office

Thor: Love and Thunder, a superhero movie, is still at the top of the list and managed to defeat the opposition once more. In comparison to last week, income has drastically decreased. More than 144 million dollars were spent on opening weekend. Last weekend, Thor 4 brought in $445 million at the box office. That is a drop of 6%.

A single-semester table will soon be covered with two million dollars for the movie “Breaks of World.” Whoever had the first 5000 USD on one hand presented it to the newcomer Where Crawdag Sing. Olivia Newman, known for the movies FBI and First Date, wrote this mystery-thriller. The Legend of Hank, which holds down the fourth spot in the top 10 animated movies, is not a new entry.

  • Thor: Love and Thunder 46 milliard de dollars.
  • Minions: Rise of Gru 26 million dollars
  • Where the Crawdags Sing 17.3 millions of dollars?
  • Top Gun: Maverick $12 million.
  • Elvis has $7,6 million in gifts.
  • The Snake of Blood: The Legend of Hank 6,3 million USD.
  • The Black Phone is 5,3 million dollars apiece.
  • Guyana World Dominion, 5,0 million $.
  • Mrs. Harris takes the Paris, 1,9 million dollar.
  • Lightyear for $35,099