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Texas Student Adopts Infant, He Discovered in Garbage Can, Coated in Ants: “I Leapt in Trust”

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Jimmy Amisial was traveling across Haiti and he heard a baby crying coming from a garbage can. The 4-month-old infant was in severe discomfort and coated in ants in the trash. People gathered but did nothing to save the infant. Amisial remembered the incident that occurred during a 2017 vacation to his own country: “Everyone was simply looking at him—not a single individual wanted to help.”

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Amisial and his mother, Elcie, washed the baby boy and fed him. He requested help from the officials to support finding the baby’s parents but to no avail, according to The Daily Mail. His mom was surprised at him taking home a baby but wished to do anything to assist the baby in suffering and comfort him. Amisial said, “He was crying and had no clothes on and I could see the pain in his eyes—I had to do something.”

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Happily, except for the ant bites, there were no other major wounds when they brought him to the doctor for a checkup. The baby’s future appeared to be unclear and the inquiries turned up nothing. Amisial, a student, decided to assist and asked for formal guardianship before giving the child the name Emilio Angel Jeremiah. Amisial was a student at Texas State University studying communication and electronic media. He had a natural urge to want to support the less fortunate.