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Texas Parents Charged With Capital Murder After Allegedly Killing their 8-Year-Old Son

Texas parents
Texas parents were arrested and charged with capital murder. (PHOTO: WFLA)

Police officers arrested and charged Texas parents with capital murder after they allegedly starved and killed their 8-year-old son.

Texas parents

Texas parents were arrested and charged with capital murder. (PHOTO: WFLA)

Texas Parents May Face Death Penalty

Texas parents may face death penalty after they starved and killed their 8-year-old son. Megan Lange, 29 years old, and Rodolfo Reyes, 33 years old, were already taken under custody this week. Each of them was charged with capital murder and one count each of injury to a child for the child’s strangulation death.

In an obtained copy of the probable cause affidavit, officers with the Odessa Police Department and personnel with Odessa Fire and Rescue responded to a 911 call on Nov.5. Someone reported about an unresponsive child at a residence located in the 2000 block of North Huntington Avenue.

Medics were already performing life-saving procedures on the 8-year-old boy when the police officers arrived at the scene. According to the medics, the boy suffered suspicious injuries all over his body including lacerations on his head, back, and legs.

In a published report in Law & Crime, the boy was transported to the Medical Center Hospital but shortly after he arrived at the facility, he was pronounced dead due to the injuries.

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Parents Gave Conflicting Statements

Lange, the mother of the 8-year-old boy, told the investigators that she had assisted her son to the bathroom after he accidentally defecated and urinated on himself. Then they went to the living room. Lange claimed that the boy suddenly fell backward and hit his head which caused him to stop breathing. Following it, she called 911.

On the other hand, Reyes told the officers that he was in the house when the incident happened but he denied that he was the cause of those injuries. It was also reported that he refused to say anything and requested legal counsel.

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