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Texas News

Texas Moves Once Again, Just So Carefully, Towards Legalizing Cannabis

Politicians in Texas keep moving slowly in the direction of doing what almost all Texans expect them to do.

A Texas legislative committee has passed a measure legalizing cannabis and launching a procedure to remove previous marijuana offenses from people’s criminal backgrounds.

Remember you, legalization does not automatically reduce the legal consequences of cannabis possession. It simply affects how the law tackles the situation.

The new law demands the following:

“The new bill for this session would reduce the amount of marijuana or cannabis products that can be produced to 1 ounce to a Class C misdemeanor, reducing the possibility of jail time and replacing it with a maximum penalty of $500. Little amounts of marijuana are currently considered a Class B misdemeanor under the law, punishable by up to 180 days in prison and a $2,000 fine.”

Thus, even if you have a little legal issue, the state will still undoubtedly seize your money. But still don’t see why Texas can’t simply legalize marijuana and collect your income in the type of a sales tax.

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