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Texas Migos Rapper Shot Dead At 28 in Houston! But Why Quavo is Not Harmed?

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As you can read from the above title, this article is all about Migos rapper from Houston, Texas, United States. The real name of the rapper is Kirshnik Khari Ball and Migos is his stage or professional name. The rapper is died in a shooting in Houston. It is believed that he was at the bowling alley. He is a part and has created a famous rap group, with a few of popular celebrities and rappers like Cardi B’s husband, Offset and Quavo. If you are interested to know more about his cause of death and facts, then read till the end. In this article, we will discuss everything about the rapper.

According to reports and sources the police was also appeared at bowling alley after the news leaked that a celeb is shot dead on the spot. He was shot dead on 1 November around 2:30 AM. It is announced that the rapper was dead on the spot and on the crime scene. And with Migos two people are also injured and hurt, they were immediately taken to the doctors and hospital.

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Quavo and Takeoff were Playing Together, But Why Quavo is Not Harmed?

One member of the rap group, Quavo, he was also there at bowling alley, but it is confirmed that he was not harmed or injured at all. Based on reports and media, it is believed that Quavo and Takeoff were hanging out together and playing dice at 810 billiards when the incident happened. But the Quavo is not hurt at all and that’s a mystery and unanswerable question to Takeoff’s fans.

And at that moment when the two were playing dice, someone took out his/her gun and open fire among the public and shoot the Migos rapper on the spot. It seems like a proper and well-planned murder of Takeoff. There was a footage recorded by the public at bowling alley, in that recording it is clearly seen that Quavo and other people carrying around the rapper and yelling for help. But it’s still a mystery, that, why Quavo is not harmed and injured.

Also, at that night, it is seen that Takeoff posted a picture of himself on his social media, some hours before the shooting takes place. And after the news revealed about his death, his friends, fans and family were in shock. The rapper received a lot of condolences and RIP wishes from his fans and loved ones.

Condolences and Sympathy for Takeoff from His Fans and Celeb Friends

On the social media of the rapper, many celebs and fans wrote amazing messages and wishes for him. So that his soul can rest in peace. Boxer Chris Eubank wrote that, he still remembers how down to earth, cool and a wonderful man, takeoff was. Also, there was a wonderful tweet from his fan, he/she wrote “Rest in Paradise”, takeoff.

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