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Texas May See Blackouts During Christmas- As an Arctic Blast Threatens the Grid

If an Arctic blast moving eastward keeps on its present path, Texans may experience a gloomy, cold Christmas.

Texas experienced a significant power grid breakdown in February 2021 as a result of three severe winter storms and extremely low temperatures. Millions of Texans lost electricity due to the system’s failure, which led to a shortage of food, water, and heat. Numerous people died as a result of the failure, which proved tragic. Additionally, the disaster caused a loss of at least $195 billion to the economy.

Other unusual storms have hit the Lone Star State since the grid breakdown in 2021, but none have put the grid in such danger. By Christmas, that might improve, said one meteorologist.

Texas Arctic Blast

Brad Panovich, a meteorologist with WCNC, provided a forecast showing the weather for the following two weeks. For several days over Christmas, a large portion of Texas will see temperatures that are much below average.

The Arctic blast that will first arrive at the west before moving east for Christmas is the greater story moving forward, Panovich tweeted. “The Texas Grid will face another test.”

Before getting back to normal on Dec. 19, the prediction suggests that Texas will experience a minor winter storm with temperatures as low as 17 degrees below average. 3 days before Christmas, Texas is predicted to see a warm spell, but on December 23 and during Christmas, temperatures drop.

The whole state is predicted to experience cooler temperatures than normal, with northern Central Texas possibly experiencing temperatures up to 30 degrees below average. After Christmas, temperatures start to rise again, but the state may still experience temperatures that are 14 degrees below normal for this time of year.

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