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Texas Man Dismembered His Newlywed Bride with a Kitchen Knife

An “undocumented” woman was killed at 4:18 afternoon of Wednesday in the 200 block of Oak Hollow Boulevard.

Anggy Diaz's relatives described "a parent's worst nightmare" in learning the 21-year-old woman from Niacaragua who got married in Texas was brutally murdered allegedly by her newlywed husband. 

Anggy Diaz (photo: Fox News)

The woman is identified as Anggy Diaz, a 21-year-old “undocumented” woman who originally came from Nicaragua. Diaz initially stayed with her aunt, Adiz Diaz, when she first arrived in the United States before living together with her husband, Jared James Dicus. Dicus and Diaz were recently married in October 2022 by Waller County Judge Trey Duhon.

Jared James Dicus and Anggy Diaz were married by Waller County Judge Trey Duhon in October 2022. 

Waller County Judge Trey Duhon officiated the wedding vows of Jared James Dicus and Anggy Diaz in October 2022 (Photo: FoxNews)

Waller County Sheriff Troy Guidry said deputies first responded to a call to a possible deceased person at Oak Hollow Boulevard. Dicus’ father called 911 when his son came over, and they noticed something amiss. The newlywed couple lived behind the house with Dicus’ parents on the same property in the partially wooded residential area.

The incident occurred inside the newlyweds’ home, where deputies described the scene as “gruesome.” They found a portion of the woman’s dismembered body. Dicus and his whole family were detained and brought in for questioning.

Dicus later confessed to the crime and said that the weapon used was a kitchen knife. According to investigators, the murder happened at 11 a.m. Dicus was captured on security footage from a nearby shop minutes before noon that day. According to a report from Fox 26 Houston, Dicus was caught stealing a beer from a convenience store.

Jared James Dicus was interviewed and gave a full confession, admitting to the murder of his wife, authorities said. Murder charges were filed on Dicus.

Jared James Dicus was charged with murder after admitting to the killing of his wife. (Photo: FoxNews)

The motive for the killing is still unknown, but they do not dismiss the idea of whether drugs were involved, as reported on KTRK-TV. Guidry also said there were previous disturbance calls on the property, but nowhere as violent as that occurred on Wednesday.

The apprehended husband was later charged and ordered a $500,000 bail for allegedly murdering and decapitating his newlywed bride.