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Texas Man Bravely Swims Among Alligators- While Wearing an Alligator Disguise

Your first thought might be to run if you ever see an alligator. When you come across one of these modern dinosaurs, that is probably the smartest thing to do. They can swallow you whole if they are big enough, they are huge, and their jaw can crush your bones.

It’s not a natural creature that you should play with. This Texas man, though, makes the decision to play. He begins a suit experiment in which he stands with an alligator-like costume attached to his back. It’s not exactly what you might actually think. as it was not those full-body outfits, either. No, this one appears to be a little more improvised.

Then it shows a scene of an alligator in the water acting like the dangerous animal it is.  He’s dressed in brown boots with the Texas flag printed on them and blue jeans. When the video cuts back to the image of the alligator in the water, you’ll notice that it’s not the original alligator in the water. The man in the suit is there.

When seeing the suit in use, you immediately notice the striking similarity. The man’s body is fully hidden by the suit once he is underwater. He comes from the water with black paint applied to his entire face, masking his light skin tone and blue eyes. He wore all-black clothing and a black helmet.

Then the man starts narrating. The name of the Texas man is Gary. He describes his deep love for this masterpiece. “It’s dangerous work, but I can’t imagine doing anything else,” he claims. Gary then introduces Big Al, the state’s biggest alligator.

Alligator hunting in the wild is Gary’s specialty. He is aware that dressing like an alligator is the riskiest appearance ever. These animals are territorial. The alligator will challenge the imagined threat, so he won’t go unnoticed. Gary admits that it would have no trouble turning him into a meal. He still goes up to the alligator, which has its mouth wide open. He even kisses the alligator.