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Texas News

Texas lawmakers want the public to decide whether to stop daylight saving time

Two Texas politicians seek Texans to vote on ending Daylight Savings Time (DST) for the state. Discussions regarding whether the United States should discontinue changing the clocks for DST or maintain the practice are becoming more serious.

To allow Texans to vote on removing a “spring forward,” Texas Senator Paul Bettencourt introduced Senate Bill (SB) 2329 and Senate Joint Resolution (SJR) 86.

The language of SB 2329 reads, “This state is required to observe DST throughout the year. Both the region of this state that uses central standard time for the legal standard time and the region of this state that uses mountain standard time as the official standard time are covered by this section.”

Texas voters would determine whether to eliminate DST in the General Election on November 7, 2023, if the law passes.

“Hot-button public policy concerns typically include items like pension reform, school financing reform, and property tax relief. But for more than a century, the topic of Daylight-Saving Time has sparked emotions on opposing sides of the argument “Senator Bettencourt stated. “Texas residents like me would like to serve at one time, but the federal government does not allow us to vote to do so. SJR 86 offers Texans the chance to vote on the matter and end the controversy in the Lone Star State for good” he added.

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