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Texas Governor Abbott has Declared Emergency SNAP and HHSC Extension’s Advantages for this Month (November)!

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The governor of Texas- Greg Abbott has announced and declared the benefits and advantages for the people of Texas. The governor is providing HHSC benefits which means ‘health and human services commission’. In simple words, HHSC is giving millions ($334.5) to people to fulfill the emergency of food and basic needs. The program for the emergency is called the SNAP supplemental nutritional assistance program. The program started to provide food benefits and advantages to the people in the month of November.

The $334.5 million amount is meant to help at least 1.6 million households and families in texas. And this is a great program by the governor to help needy people and families. As we are aware HHSC is providing SNAP emergency benefits to people. The governor said ‘with the help of HHSC, millions of families and people in texas have the right to access the proper nutrition and food for themselves and their loved ones’. He is proud and relieved by sharing this news, as he feels strong and happy by helping aa millions of people and providing them with a nutritious two-time meal.

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The state and texas governor is promising and continuing to provide the proper food and any health support the people need. They will provide all the support and needs to texas people so they can stay healthy and fit by taking care of themselves.

Sayings of Commissioner Wayne Salter and Texas HHS Access

Commissioner Wayne salter and HHS access said as the holiday season is going to start in texas, they hope to provide each and everybody with great nutritious food for their health and to the texas people who are in need of meals and nutrition.

Another great news is that HHSC had demanded approval from USDA- the U.S department of agriculture, and they have received the approval to increase the number of SNAP benefits. The amount is increased based on the family size and number of people so, every people or household can receive the proper and sufficient meal.

According to the approval, the SNAP households will receive a total amount of $95 for emergency benefits and allotments. And these emergency benefits of SNAP will appear in the account by 30 November. This program provides benefits and food to individual people and families who have low incomes and wages in Texas.