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Tax Rebate: Tax Rebate Is Upcoming Next Month – see when is the deadline for filing

The residents of the village of Montgomery, Illinois, have days left until the end of next month to apply for the property tax rebate. This rebate which the village is offering to the residents every year, this is where they will give applicants a rebate worth an amount of $75 as long as they will apply by Feb. 28 this year. According to Shaw Local, this rebate will be given to their residents that are either in the form of a credit applied to the utility bills or as a paper check of their residents.

However, before you file for this rebate, it is recommended by the village that the residents find a copy of their county tax bill. According to the village, if the applicants are not able to find a copy, they can go online and find it there from the county where the property where they are located.

The residents of the village are the only ones who are available for this. Anyone who is only a village utility customer is not eligible for this offer. While this rebate has already been offered to the residents of the village since the year 2015, the amount of money that the residents could receive was only an amount of $45. Thanks to a voting meeting that happened and was held by village board members back in December, the amount is increased to an amount of $75 that has been increased this year.

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