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US Military

Taliban shared images of dozens of US military vehicles, they claimed were left in the middle of the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan and now part of their army

Some 300 military vehicles that were left by the US throughout its hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021, according to the Taliban, have been restored and put back into service.

The Afghan military ministry posted an image of dozens of the vehicles on Twitter, a few of which appeared to be protected trucks matching Humvees.

The trucks, which are currently being utilized by Taliban troops, were purposefully destroyed by the US and its partners throughout the rapid coalition departure from the nation in April 2021, as reported by the Khaama News Agency, using official media.

As per a 2021 congressional report released by CNN, the US left $7 billion in military weapons it had given the old Afghan government in its fight against Taliban rebels before it failed and its foreign supporters left.

The tools were used by the Taliban to upgrade their army. During a rally in Kabul in 2021, it displayed captured US military vehicles, according to Reuters.