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TakeOff’s Suspected Murderer Attempted to Enter Mexico Using Emergency Passport

The alleged murderer of TakeOff is considered to have been attempting to flee the country at the time of his detention, according to information provided by the authorities in court papers.

Patrick Xavier Clark filed for an urgent passport shortly after TakeOff was killed on 1 November, according to a motion presented at a bond hearing, Fox 5 Atlanta reported. He allegedly provided a travel plan with Mexico as the destination to support the urgent request.

Clark was found in possession of a sizable sum of cash, according to the arrest record, which was used by Houston prosecutors to ask the court to treat him as a flight threat. A $2 million bond was set for Patrick Xavier Clark.

Few people responded to the Houston Police Department’s request for witnesses to show up forward with information about the killing, so investigators were forced to rely primarily on surveillance and mobile phone video footage, which was difficult to come by, according to Homicide Division Sgt. Michael Burrow.

To authenticate any ballistic evidence, HPD also had to reconstruct the crime scene. Patrick Clark is accused of murder because, according to our analysis, he is the case’s fatal shooter, said Burrow.

In spite of a significant police presence, Clark’s arrest in northeast Houston on 1 December, Thursday night was described by Houston Police Chief Troy Finner as “calm.” Clark apparently goes by the name DJ Pat in H-Town.

Finner recalled telling the suspect, “We’re going to come and get you, and we come and get you professionally, but we come in force with all that we have, and he gave up.

On Friday, 2 December, the Houston Police Department made the arrest and stated, Patrick Xavier Clark had been accused of murder.

In a press conference, Finner stated, “We made a promise, we would have the person who is responsible for the killing of TakeOff in custody. “We detained 33-year-old Patrick Xavier Clark yesterday evening and charged him with the murder of TakeOff.”