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Supplemental Security Income Program: Americans Living In These 33 States Receive Up To $120 in Cash Next Month

$914 Social Security Payment Will Hit the Banks in 3 Days, Are You One of Them?
In only three days, Supplemental Security Income recipients will receive a payment of $914, a slight increase from the SSI payment they received earlier this month. (Photo: Washington Examiner)

Next month, beneficiaries of the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) could be shocked to receive up to $120, depending on their state.

There have been emergency distributions of what were formerly known as “food stamps” over the past two years. But a new government funding plan calls for them to expire at the end of February. 

Since January 2021, SNAP payments for eligible families have increased by 15 percent, with a maximum benefit depending on household size rather than income. 

States Giving Supplemental Security Income  

The Sun said some categories of state Supplemental Security Income payments are administered by Social Security, whilst the state manages other categories. 

These states are: Washington, DC; Vermont; Rhode Island; Pennsylvania; New Jersey; Nevada; Montana; Michigan; Iowa; Hawaii; Delaware; and California.

In addition to the federal SSI monthly payment, the following states also pay and manage their own supplementary payments. 

State-specific amounts vary, but New York gives an additional $87 per month for individuals and $104 per month for couples, while Alabama couples can receive a $120 raise.

These states are Wyoming, Alabama, Wisconsin, Alaska, Washington, Colorado, Virginia, Connecticut, Utah, Texas, Florida, South Dakota, Georgia, South Carolina, Idaho, Oregon, Oklahoma, Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina, Indiana, New York, Kansas, Ohio, Kentucky, New Mexico, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Maine, Nebraska, Maryland, Missouri, Minnesota, and Massachusetts.

How to qualify for SSI check

After beneficiaries could not get a January check delivery, the first Supplemental Security Income check of 2023 in the amount of $914 will be sent on February 1. 

SSI program offers cash assistance to low-income individuals 65 years of age or older, as well as blind or handicapped adults and children. 

Federal payment requirements and eligibility conditions are same. 

Anyone can get SSI, but not everyone receives the same amount. 

You could receive more money if you live in a state that boosts the federal SSI benefit.

You could get less if you have other income sources, such as employment, pensions, or Social Security payments. 

If someone else covers your housing expenditures or if you share a home with a partner who earns a living, you can also get less. 

To qualify for Supplemental Security Income, you must be a US citizen, US national, or certain noncitizen. 

The Northern Mariana Islands, the District of Columbia, or one of the 50 states must be where you reside. 

Children of military parents deployed to permanent service outside the US and some students temporarily overseas may be eligible to receive SSI payments outside the US are the exceptions to this rule.

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Can you apply at the same time as the SNAP benefit?

AS says yes, you are able to apply for SNAP benefits concurrently with your Supplemental Security Income benefits because one Program does not conflict with another. However, you should be aware that in order to get SNAP benefits, you must also adhere to a number of rules. 

You must apply to the state where you presently reside and fulfill the income requirements to be eligible for SNAP food assistance. 

The SSA said that “current families must have more than $2,250 in resources to qualify for assistance under SNAP.” However, this amount rises to $3,500 for those who are disabled or over the age of 60.

Applications for SNAP are accessible at any nearby Social Security office. Call the SSA helpline immediately at 1-800-772-1213 for further details or customized assistance.

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